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Founded in Mersin in 1977, Turnak has grown from a small 3 person small local shipping company into a transport pioneer acknowledged in international shipment and customs agency.

Today Turnak has 150 employees, owns offices and/or storage facilities in all the main provinces in Turkey, and also holds agencies in the USA and Commonwealth of Independent States. Due to private ownership, we have achieved rapid growth and continue to make investments at a speed that keeps us ahead in the sector.


Our experienced staff and advanced computer system provides our clients with the most comprehensive service package in the industry. Turnak's vertically integrated logistics network offers services at competitive rates ranging from load consolidation to cargo management, air, sea and land transport, forwarding, storekeeping, and distribution.

Our target is to simplify the logistics line while assuring customized service of the highest quality to our clients. No matter what you wish to forward whenever, wherever or however, these standards are guaranteed at Turnak.

Turkey, the fastest growing OECD country, has been positioned at the crossroads of world trade throughout the history. From the ancient Silk Roads of the east to the modern jet liners of today, Turkey maintains its role as the merchant of the world and Turnak, Turkey's pioneer transport company, plays a role of vital significance. As an innovative pioneer and a partner cognizant of international commercial practices, Turnak is in a unique position to serve the world market with world-class standards.


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